Guide: How to use Nvidia 301.10 WHQL driver for non Nvidia GTX 680

Whats new in 301.10 whql certified drivers

First up we have NVIDIA Control Panel FXAA, which is a high-speed, shader-based anti-aliasing technique that can be enabled directly through the NVIDIA control panel. Called FXAA, this new technique is up to 60-percent faster than 4xMSAA, and can produce results equal to MSAA at minimum, and in some cases, provide better-than MSAA quality.

Another stand-out feature is the three monitor surround plus accessory display. The GEFORCE GTX 680 cards spupports four monitor connectors, where you can use a 3D (or non-3D) Vision Surround setup, with the fourth monitor connected NVIDIA use this as an "Accessory Display". Very cool new feature.

Also included is "Central Display Acceleration", where SLI users were forced to disable Surround if they were playing a non-Surround game. With the 301.10 WHQL drivers, this has been resolved. Now users can run any game on the center screen at full speed, with the provision that the center screen itself is connected to the GPU that is powering the two monitors. This feature is enabled automatically.

The last feature is "NVIDIA Frame Rate Target", where third-parties can now integrate NVIDIA Frame Rate Target into their applications. What this new feature does is dynamically overclock and underclock a GPU to hit a specific, user-defined frame rate. Sweet!

Although these first 3xx.xx drivers were released for kepler, owners with other Nvidia series cards can install them with custom .INI files by modding them.

In this guide we'll show you how to install them on other nvidia cards

Links For Nvidia 301.10 WHQL driver:
Windows 7/Vista 32-bit:
GeForce 301.10 WHQL (Windows 7/Vista 32-bit)
Windows 7/Vista 64-bit
GeForce 301.10 WHQL (Windows 7/Vista 64-bit)

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