HDD Parts Shortage Lessens: HDD Prices To Drop?

Nidec Corp, manufacturer of hard disc drive motors and other HDD components, has reported that after just six weeks since the Thailand floods hit, nine out of its ten factories are operational again, although not all are yet at full capacity. Supplies of HDDs should therefore slowly improve as the parts shortage eases, hopefully with the welcome consequence that the price should drift downwards. Nidec issued this statement about the situation:
We will continue our efforts to further improve the utilization of the factories whose operations have resumed and to bring the company’s other flood-stricken factories back into operation to the earliest extent possible. The exact amount of damage and the effect of the floods on the company’s performance are being assessed currently. We will continue to report on any actual or potential impact on the company’s business performance in a prompt manner.
There's more info in this Nidec update (PDF) and at xbit labs.

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