Razer's Tiamat Gaming Headset Delayed, to Ship in Late January

Bad news for gamers hoping to find a Tiamat 7.1 or Tiamat 2.2 headset under the Christmas tree (or simply on their desk), Razer has delayed the arrival of both products to polish them up some more. Both Tiamat headsets were supposed to be available during this last quarter of 2011 but now they are expected to ship at the end of January.

"Rest assured this product is coming out soon, but as we get ready to ship, we are also putting final touches to perfect this headset. We want to be sure that what you get is going to blow your ears away, no holds barred, and unfortunately like all Razer products, it's ready when it's ready," says a message from Team Razer.

Razer apologized for this delay and is trying to make up for it by offering a free Razer T-shirt and Razer flask (worth $40) to all customers who add their names to the Notify Me list at the Tiamat minisite. As a reminder, the Tiamat 7.1, with its 10 built-in drivers, costs $179.99 / EU €179.99 while the Tiamat 2.2, which has 'just' four drivers, is priced at $99.99 / EU €99.99.

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